California Dreamin’

Looking to explore Big Sur and drive along the famous Hwy 1 route, Bruce and I ventured south from San Fran after Burning Man. Due to the massively wet winter that CA experienced there were multiple bridges washed out from all of the rain and runoff. I discovered another way to access Hwy 1 through a 20-mile long, windy road that dumped me just south of the entrance to Limekiln State Park.

Unbeknownst to me, Limekiln was a hidden gem and with only about 12 campsites it normally wouldn’t have been available on such short notice. However, the washout kept a lot of people at bay and multiple oceanfront campsites were open, offering some much needed respite along the trip. I ended up meeting two awesome travelers from SoCal, one of which had just come from the Burn as well.

The 3 of us drove up the coast and checked out some local attractions. The Esalen Institute retreat center is located within 10 miles from Limekiln and has hosted some of my favorite authors over the years, including Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts and Jack Kerouac. Another great spot to check out is the Nepenthe Restaurant and Phoenix Shop.

We later came back to camp and the girls cooked up an assortment of incredible meats they had picked up from a local carniceria in LA. I was hitting the road early the next morning so we decided to go for a late-night hike to see the waterfall. We couldn’t see much but our headlamps were able to light up the trail enough and we followed the sound to the source. When we made it to the falls we took our shoes off and dipped into the pool to feel the fresh water against our skin. This was a moment that we all would cherish.



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